Saturday, 18 April 2009

Iran jails journalist as US spy

Roxana Seberi has been accused of spying Iran for the government of the United States. She will be jailed for eight years. She has been accused a few times before, for buying alcohol and not having a valid press card.
This case will have serious implications for the relation between Iran and the United States. President Obama and US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton have both expressed their disappointment because of this decision.

Ms. Seberi’s statement has been made under undue pressure, to be used against her during trial. Mr. Seberi and her lawyer have announced that an appeal will be made. Ms. Seberi herself is planning to go on a hunger strike.

I have chosen this article because I was shocked when I read it. I think it is very important to publish the evidence for spying, if you are accusing someone. I think this will have some serious consequences between Iran and the United States of America.

I am glad America has a new president because Bush would have sought a reason to start a war again, just like he did in Iraq. Maybe it is a bit cruel to bring it up like this, but that is exactly the way I feel about it.

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