Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Reaction to: I did not fit store ‘look’ says disable student.

I think it is a shame she has to drag this company to the courthouse. I also think it is a pity some people will never grow up. They have bullied children when they were young, and when they work for themselves, have many responsibilities, perhaps they do have children of their own, and they still bully their colleagues. I think those people do not realise what consequences this behavior can have. Besides that, being bullied is terrible. I know that because my classmates have bullied me for several years. Some people cannot handle to be bullied, they might even commit suicide!

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I did not fit store ‘look’ says disable student.

Riam Dean, a 22-year old girl, began to question her worth as human being, after she has been bullied out of her work. Riam was born with her left forearm missing, felt taunted. Riam has got permission to wear a cardigan, although this was not according to the strict ‘look policy’ of the company where she worked. Later, she was not allowed to work on the shop floor and she had to work in a stockroom, because she did not fit in the store ‘look’. She wants to be herself again and that is the reason why she dragged this company to the courthouse. She felt discriminated. The spokesman of this companie says that miss Dean is inaccurate.

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Reaction to: Rocker´s horror movies recovered.

I do not really have an opinion about Alice Cooper, who lost his luggage at the Airport, especially not because his luggage contains 300 horror films. I do not like horror, in fact I hate it, but I do have an opinion about ‘losing luggage at the airport’. I have never lost any luggage at an airport, but I do have lost some possessions. For example a ring, this was of great value for me, because it was a present. My best friend gave it to me a long time ago. So I do think that the employee at an airport should be careful with possessions, which belongs to their customers.

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Rocker´s horror movies recovered.

Alice Cooper, Rock ´nd Roll legend, had lost his luggage, which contains three hundred horror films and a laptop. He lost his luggage last Tuesday when he landed at the Airport Heathrow. He was shocked when he realised he had lost his favourite films. He rewarded the founder. The person who founds his luggage and could return it to him intact, gets two tickets for one of his shows and backstage passes, so the founder is able to meet Alice Cooper himself. Unfortunately for all his fans, Heathrow Airport has found his luggage back. They have let him know that his luggage was on its way back to the Rock ´nd Roll singer.

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Reaction to: UK man is world’s oldest at 113.

I think it is great if someone can reach this age! If I read an article about old people I am always wondering how would I feel if I was their age. Would my life have been fulfilled? Would I have done what I always have wanted to do? On the other hand, I am also wondering if I would like to be so old. Al my friends would pass away, and here I am, alone in this big world. A world that is changing every day. A world that creates new technologies, new things I cannot deal with. Would it be so good to live in a world I do not recognise anymore, because I am used to my old world, with its own technology=

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UK man is world’s oldest at 113.

Henry Allingham, born on 6 June 1896, is the oldest man on earth and oldest man, who has ever lived, in Britain. He surpassed Tomoji Tanabe, who lived in Japan. Tomoji was the oldest man on earth since 2007 until the day he died. When Tomoji passed away, Henry Allington became oldest. Henry also surpassed Welshman John Evens, who lived for over 112 years and 296 days. His family is very proud. Henry has five grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, 14 great great grandchildren and even one great great great grandchild. Henry is one of the two surviving World War One veterans in the UK. His friend, Dennis Goodwin, thought Henry became the oldest because he was and still is very philosophical.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Reaction to: Obama signs tobacco bill into law.

I think it is very important to reduce smoking. It is a very bad habit. It causes a lot of health trouble. Unfortunately, people are not so interested in their health, because they refuse to stop smoking. I think it should be forbidden by law to smoke, but that is almost impossible because so many people smoke. If nobody smokes, there would not be as many illnesses caused by smoking, as there are now. Those people would save a lot of money, and I think health insurances will be cheaper. If someone who does not smoke would save the money he would spend if he would smoke, he will become rich.

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Obama signs tobacco bill into law.

Barack Obama introduced a new law to reduce smoking in America. Nowadays, one in five Americans smokes. He wants to reduce underage smoking by eleven percent, and adult smoking by two percent in one decade. This law empowers the FDA to limit nicotine levels, to forbid tobacco advertisements within 1000 feet (300 meters) of schools. Tobacco companies have to get FDA approval to introduce new products and the FDA will design new graphic warnings. Obama promised to make a change in Washington, this is his first step.

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Reaction to: Sarkozy stirs French burka debate.

I think everybody has the right to experience their religion, the way they want to. On the other hand I can understand why wearing burka’s is a problem for a society. Off course, I think it is important to integrate in a new society, if you have chosen to move to a country voluntarily. You have to get used to their habits and have to live with those habits. Those are the consequences of emigrating. I think burka’s are a problem if women wear them involuntarily. If they want to wear them because they think that is the way to spread their faith, they should have the possibility to wear burka’s.

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Sarkozy stirs French burka debate.

President Sarkozy shared his opinion about burkas in public when he answered some questions from MP members. He thought wearing a burka was not a sign of religion, but a sign of subservience. Five years ago the French cabinet has tried to ban headscarves from schools. The Muslim community felt stigmatised by the French government, and they will feel stigmatised again, if the French cabinet decides to ban the burka in France. This issue split the French cabinet. Sarkozy wants to ban the burka, but some other parties think that the government should be anxious not to isolate the Muslim population by dictating them what women should and should not wear.

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Reaction to: Parents jailed over ´hell hole´ for children.

When I read this article a few hours ago, it frightened me. It might have been a bit na├»ve but I really thought such circumstances did not exist anymore. Unfortunately, they do. The parents have to go to jail for three years, I think they deserve more! They have forced their children to share a soiled and stinking bed. Such circumstances are so dangerous, for their health, but also for their children’s health. Besides that, they have shown that they are not capable of raising children, because if you are aware of all the responsibilities of having children, you would never let them live under these circumstances!

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Parents jailed over ´hell hole´ for children.

A few days ago, a 26-year old father and a year old mother have been accused of child neglecting and have been charged guilty. They let their children live in an horrifying environment. The children, two girls in the age of four and one, and a boy in the age of three, were forced to live in abject conditions. They were wearing nappies that were not changed in a while. Unfortunately, this type of child abuse continues. According to this article it is of great importance to look after each other, so we can put a stop to this kind of abuse. Their father and mother have been sent to prison for three years.

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Reaction to: Top Gear’s the Stig takes off his mask to reveal Michael Schumacher

We will never know who the Stig is. I think it is a pity, because, and we can all admit that, we are curious . It turned out to be a huge hoax. I thought it was very humoristic. Off course I would like to know who Mr. X, also known as the Stig, is. I like the BBC programme Top Gear very much, and I always have been curious about the Stig. He is a good driver, and I have hoped that Top Gear would reveal the Stig. Unfortunately we still do not know who the Stig is, and we will never know

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Top Gear’s the Stig takes off his mask to reveal Michael Schumacher

BBC’s Top Gear programme finally unmasked the Stig. It turned out to be Michael Schumacher. The Stig was encouraged to take off his helmet when the audience yelled: “Off, off, off! This was a huge surprise for the audience, but many people were not convinced that Michael Schumacher appeared to be the Stig. A BBC insider admitted Michael Schumacher was not the Stig. He also told the interviewer that Top Gear will not unmask the Stig. His words were: ‘We will never reveal who or what the Stig is.” It is a pity but we will never know who the Stig is.

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Reaction to Susan Boyle gets standing ovation on return to Britain’s Got Talent tour

I think it is mindless to start a singing career without thinking of all the consequences it will have. I think it would be wise if Susan, in this case, had thought about what it meant to be famous. Off course, it might have been her dream to be famous, but I think it would still be wise to consider all sides of being famous. You do not have a private life anymore. It is a sacrifice you have to make if you want to be famous. Fans want to know every detail of your life, and Susan might have forgotten that.

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Susan Boyle gets standing ovation on return to Britain’s Got Talent tour.

Susan Boyle, who was not able to show four of her performance in Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Cardiff, was stressed because of all the pressure she has been through. She was not aware of all the consequences of being famous. Boyle was drained and exhausted and she had to go to the Priory Clinic to recover. Susan Boyle admitted that she found it very difficult to deal with stress. On her return to Britain’s Got Talent Tour, she received a standing ovation. The reaction of the audience was encouraging for Susan to continue her performance.

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Monday, 4 May 2009

Mental hospital let stalker ‘wed’ David Walliams, she held ceremony and changed her name
Wednesday, 29th of April 2009, The Sun

Twenty-nine-year old Sarah Bartholomew changed her name into Sarah Walliams, according to Little Britain’s David Walliams.

Sarah “Walliams” stalked David for over four years; she was, and unfortunately for David still is, obsessed by him. This ex-veterinary nurse has changed her name and she really believes she is married to David. Under permission of the hospital Sarah filled out the deed poll papers. The staff of this hospital even helped her with the form and visited her ‘reception’.

Although Sarah stalked David badly, the hospital gave their approval to this imaginary marriage. Before she was sent into Kneesworth House Hospital, she stalked David by sending hem sexually-charged letters and gifts. She has been told to stop stalking David, but up to this point she has not done so. Instead, she has written him a letter in which she tells him she would do anything to let him stop seeing other people. She would even kill him, if necessary.

I think it is madness to let someone believe that they are married to someone they are not married to. Even if this person is in medical care, it is not right to let him/her use someone else's name.

What is the use of an imaginary marriage in this case? This case shows us that it is obvious that the lunatics are running the asylum. She is probably so obsessed she uses his name to give her a sense of being satisfied. That is crazy but possible, but I do not think it is suitable to give permission to do something like this.

Imagine having a stalker who wants to use someone's name, because they are so obsessed by them. I shadder to think of something like this. Would they give their name to a lunatic who stalks them?
Bridgend suicide girl’s dad is found hanged
Wednesday 29th of April, The Sun
It seems like a new trend: Hang yourself! It sounds a bit cruel and off course it is cruel, but it seems to be a new trend in Bridgend.

Kelly, a twenty-year old girl, who committed suicide by hanging herself, was probably influenced by her ex-boyfriend and cousin, who both hanged themselves.

And now, April 2009, Kelly's father Dean Stephenson, 40 years old, has committed suicide, because he could not deal with the loss of his daughter Kelly.

He left his wife and two children fatherless. Wife Michelle understood why her husband committed suicide. She wrote in her Facebook account: "I will love and miss you forever - look after our girl (referring to Kelly). I know you needed to be with her. I will love you forever; you were the best husband and dad anyone could ask for. I am sorry I could not do anything to take away your pain.

It seems like a hype to kill yourself and it scared me a little. A girl, twenty years old, her boyfriend, also twenty years old and her cousin, fifteen years old. And last but not least, her father, forty years old, kills himself because of grieve over the loss of his daughter.

It seems to me that committing suicide is the solution of all your problems, and in some way it is, because when you are dead, you will not have any problems anymore. But I do not think it is the best solution. It is, in my opinion, much better to face your problems. Do not run away from it because that is not the way to reach your goals. Off course it is hard to deal with the loss of a beloved one, but committing suicide can increase your problems, you only hand them over to your family.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Boy died in Venezuela Plane Crash
I was very shocked when I read this news item. A boy, Thomas Horne, died in a plane crash. He was only six years old. I think it is very sad, especially for his parents. One person has died and nine other passengers are badly injured. These injured passengers have been brought to the nearest hospital, Cuidad Bolivar.
The tour operator First Choice, who organised this trip, is also very shocked and expressed their heartfelt sympathy. They started an investigation into this accident. The flights with aircraft operator LTA has been suspended till after this investigation, because First Choice stands for safety.
The parents of Thomas are still alive but they have very bad injuries. I think it is terrible to lose your child. Someone told me once: “If you lose both of your parents, you will be called an orphan. If you lose your husband, you will be called a widow. If you lose your wife, you will be called a widower. If you lose your child, there does not exist a word to describe this situation.” He is right. This shows us that losing a child in death is unnatural and should not happen. I cannot agree more.
Iran jails journalist as US spy

Roxana Seberi has been accused of spying Iran for the government of the United States. She will be jailed for eight years. She has been accused a few times before, for buying alcohol and not having a valid press card.
This case will have serious implications for the relation between Iran and the United States. President Obama and US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton have both expressed their disappointment because of this decision.

Ms. Seberi’s statement has been made under undue pressure, to be used against her during trial. Mr. Seberi and her lawyer have announced that an appeal will be made. Ms. Seberi herself is planning to go on a hunger strike.

I have chosen this article because I was shocked when I read it. I think it is very important to publish the evidence for spying, if you are accusing someone. I think this will have some serious consequences between Iran and the United States of America.

I am glad America has a new president because Bush would have sought a reason to start a war again, just like he did in Iraq. Maybe it is a bit cruel to bring it up like this, but that is exactly the way I feel about it.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

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