Saturday, 18 April 2009

Boy died in Venezuela Plane Crash
I was very shocked when I read this news item. A boy, Thomas Horne, died in a plane crash. He was only six years old. I think it is very sad, especially for his parents. One person has died and nine other passengers are badly injured. These injured passengers have been brought to the nearest hospital, Cuidad Bolivar.
The tour operator First Choice, who organised this trip, is also very shocked and expressed their heartfelt sympathy. They started an investigation into this accident. The flights with aircraft operator LTA has been suspended till after this investigation, because First Choice stands for safety.
The parents of Thomas are still alive but they have very bad injuries. I think it is terrible to lose your child. Someone told me once: “If you lose both of your parents, you will be called an orphan. If you lose your husband, you will be called a widow. If you lose your wife, you will be called a widower. If you lose your child, there does not exist a word to describe this situation.” He is right. This shows us that losing a child in death is unnatural and should not happen. I cannot agree more.


  1. It is a good blog i only missed the summary of the article. But apart from that it touched me, it is unnatural to outlive your child.

  2. It was a heart rending article to read. I am a mother of two children (13 and 18 years old) myself and loosing one of my child is my biggest fear. Therefore I totally agree with you that losing a child is unnatural and unacceptable. The last part of your reaction about the article (that there does not exist a word to describe the lost of a child) is something to remember.

  3. Children are innocent creatures. It is just not fair when a child dies. Children are to young to die because they have got a whole live to life. The lost of a child is an unnatural thing and very heartbreaking. I do not have children but I agree with the fact that there does not exist a word to describe the lost of a child.