Monday, 4 May 2009

Mental hospital let stalker ‘wed’ David Walliams, she held ceremony and changed her name
Wednesday, 29th of April 2009, The Sun

Twenty-nine-year old Sarah Bartholomew changed her name into Sarah Walliams, according to Little Britain’s David Walliams.

Sarah “Walliams” stalked David for over four years; she was, and unfortunately for David still is, obsessed by him. This ex-veterinary nurse has changed her name and she really believes she is married to David. Under permission of the hospital Sarah filled out the deed poll papers. The staff of this hospital even helped her with the form and visited her ‘reception’.

Although Sarah stalked David badly, the hospital gave their approval to this imaginary marriage. Before she was sent into Kneesworth House Hospital, she stalked David by sending hem sexually-charged letters and gifts. She has been told to stop stalking David, but up to this point she has not done so. Instead, she has written him a letter in which she tells him she would do anything to let him stop seeing other people. She would even kill him, if necessary.

I think it is madness to let someone believe that they are married to someone they are not married to. Even if this person is in medical care, it is not right to let him/her use someone else's name.

What is the use of an imaginary marriage in this case? This case shows us that it is obvious that the lunatics are running the asylum. She is probably so obsessed she uses his name to give her a sense of being satisfied. That is crazy but possible, but I do not think it is suitable to give permission to do something like this.

Imagine having a stalker who wants to use someone's name, because they are so obsessed by them. I shadder to think of something like this. Would they give their name to a lunatic who stalks them?
Bridgend suicide girl’s dad is found hanged
Wednesday 29th of April, The Sun
It seems like a new trend: Hang yourself! It sounds a bit cruel and off course it is cruel, but it seems to be a new trend in Bridgend.

Kelly, a twenty-year old girl, who committed suicide by hanging herself, was probably influenced by her ex-boyfriend and cousin, who both hanged themselves.

And now, April 2009, Kelly's father Dean Stephenson, 40 years old, has committed suicide, because he could not deal with the loss of his daughter Kelly.

He left his wife and two children fatherless. Wife Michelle understood why her husband committed suicide. She wrote in her Facebook account: "I will love and miss you forever - look after our girl (referring to Kelly). I know you needed to be with her. I will love you forever; you were the best husband and dad anyone could ask for. I am sorry I could not do anything to take away your pain.

It seems like a hype to kill yourself and it scared me a little. A girl, twenty years old, her boyfriend, also twenty years old and her cousin, fifteen years old. And last but not least, her father, forty years old, kills himself because of grieve over the loss of his daughter.

It seems to me that committing suicide is the solution of all your problems, and in some way it is, because when you are dead, you will not have any problems anymore. But I do not think it is the best solution. It is, in my opinion, much better to face your problems. Do not run away from it because that is not the way to reach your goals. Off course it is hard to deal with the loss of a beloved one, but committing suicide can increase your problems, you only hand them over to your family.