Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Reaction to: I did not fit store ‘look’ says disable student.

I think it is a shame she has to drag this company to the courthouse. I also think it is a pity some people will never grow up. They have bullied children when they were young, and when they work for themselves, have many responsibilities, perhaps they do have children of their own, and they still bully their colleagues. I think those people do not realise what consequences this behavior can have. Besides that, being bullied is terrible. I know that because my classmates have bullied me for several years. Some people cannot handle to be bullied, they might even commit suicide!

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I did not fit store ‘look’ says disable student.

Riam Dean, a 22-year old girl, began to question her worth as human being, after she has been bullied out of her work. Riam was born with her left forearm missing, felt taunted. Riam has got permission to wear a cardigan, although this was not according to the strict ‘look policy’ of the company where she worked. Later, she was not allowed to work on the shop floor and she had to work in a stockroom, because she did not fit in the store ‘look’. She wants to be herself again and that is the reason why she dragged this company to the courthouse. She felt discriminated. The spokesman of this companie says that miss Dean is inaccurate.

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Reaction to: Rocker´s horror movies recovered.

I do not really have an opinion about Alice Cooper, who lost his luggage at the Airport, especially not because his luggage contains 300 horror films. I do not like horror, in fact I hate it, but I do have an opinion about ‘losing luggage at the airport’. I have never lost any luggage at an airport, but I do have lost some possessions. For example a ring, this was of great value for me, because it was a present. My best friend gave it to me a long time ago. So I do think that the employee at an airport should be careful with possessions, which belongs to their customers.

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Rocker´s horror movies recovered.

Alice Cooper, Rock ´nd Roll legend, had lost his luggage, which contains three hundred horror films and a laptop. He lost his luggage last Tuesday when he landed at the Airport Heathrow. He was shocked when he realised he had lost his favourite films. He rewarded the founder. The person who founds his luggage and could return it to him intact, gets two tickets for one of his shows and backstage passes, so the founder is able to meet Alice Cooper himself. Unfortunately for all his fans, Heathrow Airport has found his luggage back. They have let him know that his luggage was on its way back to the Rock ´nd Roll singer.

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Reaction to: UK man is world’s oldest at 113.

I think it is great if someone can reach this age! If I read an article about old people I am always wondering how would I feel if I was their age. Would my life have been fulfilled? Would I have done what I always have wanted to do? On the other hand, I am also wondering if I would like to be so old. Al my friends would pass away, and here I am, alone in this big world. A world that is changing every day. A world that creates new technologies, new things I cannot deal with. Would it be so good to live in a world I do not recognise anymore, because I am used to my old world, with its own technology=

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UK man is world’s oldest at 113.

Henry Allingham, born on 6 June 1896, is the oldest man on earth and oldest man, who has ever lived, in Britain. He surpassed Tomoji Tanabe, who lived in Japan. Tomoji was the oldest man on earth since 2007 until the day he died. When Tomoji passed away, Henry Allington became oldest. Henry also surpassed Welshman John Evens, who lived for over 112 years and 296 days. His family is very proud. Henry has five grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, 14 great great grandchildren and even one great great great grandchild. Henry is one of the two surviving World War One veterans in the UK. His friend, Dennis Goodwin, thought Henry became the oldest because he was and still is very philosophical.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Reaction to: Obama signs tobacco bill into law.

I think it is very important to reduce smoking. It is a very bad habit. It causes a lot of health trouble. Unfortunately, people are not so interested in their health, because they refuse to stop smoking. I think it should be forbidden by law to smoke, but that is almost impossible because so many people smoke. If nobody smokes, there would not be as many illnesses caused by smoking, as there are now. Those people would save a lot of money, and I think health insurances will be cheaper. If someone who does not smoke would save the money he would spend if he would smoke, he will become rich.

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