Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Reaction to: UK man is world’s oldest at 113.

I think it is great if someone can reach this age! If I read an article about old people I am always wondering how would I feel if I was their age. Would my life have been fulfilled? Would I have done what I always have wanted to do? On the other hand, I am also wondering if I would like to be so old. Al my friends would pass away, and here I am, alone in this big world. A world that is changing every day. A world that creates new technologies, new things I cannot deal with. Would it be so good to live in a world I do not recognise anymore, because I am used to my old world, with its own technology=

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  1. Interesting article. On that age I can imagine that it is not easy to live in a world with all technology, but who says that this man is not used to these kind of developments. Maybe he is in to these kind of things more than us. I truely believe there is a huge differens between the older ones earlier and now. What I am wondering more is how healthy this man is on this age? That would have made this article even more interesting.